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Vogue Business | Consumers mobilise to hold brands to account

Suddenly, consumers are flexing their power through social media to push brands to become more diverse and ethically responsible.

When consumers stamp their feet on social media, these days brands are quick to respond. Almost overnight, consumer power has strengthened exponentially.

Instagram movement #PullUpOrShutUp, which was launched on 3 June, has convinced more than 200 companies, including Estée Lauder Companies, Glossier and Levi’s, to release how many Black employees they have and commit to improve. And fashion advocacy nonprofit Remake has recouped an estimated $7.5 billion in unpaid garment worker wages since 30 March from 16 brands, including H&M, PVH Corp and Nike, after calling on brands to #PayUp via an Instagram campaign.

A new breed of social media activists are demanding accountability and meaningful change in the fashion and beauty industries.

The new initiatives, employing sophisticated, targeted and systematic tactics, call on Instagram followers to comment on brand social media pages, sign petitions and focus on long-lasting progress. The conversation is less about cancel culture and boycotts and more about pressurising brands to admit past mistakes and commit to real change.

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