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Questioning Publicity Gained At The Expense Of Bigotry
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Questioning Publicity Gained At The Expense Of Bigotry

We often find ourselves at crossroads in life- attempting to deal with the unending struggle of right and wrong. Almost like an Armageddon. And in this pretext, it is only but natural that some situations bring out the biased in us, often forcing us to become bigots (even when we don’t like it). Such bigotry is what pushes us to the edge or sometimes even off it. We find public figures and companies often caught up in this battle. The purpose of this article is not to question their beliefs or opinions. Neither is it to pass any judgement over who is right or wrong. It is simply to question the underlying attitude of gaining publicity over the expense of someone else, under the garb of freedom of speech - and what standard it sets for others. Now, this can seem long. But give it 5 minu...