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Power of Communication in the Post-Pandemic Era
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Power of Communication in the Post-Pandemic Era

Right now, the world is battling the Coronavirus Pandemic. If we’re lucky, we are enjoying some cooking, binge-watching and stay-at-home workouts. If we’re unlucky, we know someone who lost a job, someone who is struggling or someone who left us too soon. Either way, we all find ourselves at the cusp of struggling with the lockdown in its various forms. Business leaders are steering their way through a disruptive world that has suddenly emerged in the past months. While the best of us are also taken by shock, we find ourselves constantly focussing on the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Why ? Because we find focussing on that light as the best way to direct our energies. And because the glass should always be half full. Bain & Company polled more than 130 CEOs in India in Ap...