Thursday, February 25

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5 Post-Pandemic Marketing Lessons for Brands

5 Post-Pandemic Marketing Lessons for Brands

Normalcy is once again gradually setting in across countries as governments ease lockdown restrictions and business operations pick up. But what we have realised is that the new “normal” is nothing like what was before this havoc came upon us. The world has evolved - humans, businesses and even nature have come a great deal in the past months. Brands have learnt a few lessons through this period of turmoil - lessons which are here to stay and marketers can’t ignore any longer. Here are the top 5 lessons marketers and business leaders have learned to carry out relevant marketing in the new-era. The Power of ‘First Mover Advantage’ Covid-19 was first identified in November when doctors started understanding patterns and realised the rise of a potential epidemic. Countries that acknowledg...